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    Property Inspections on Vancouver Island

    While it’s certainly important to have your new home inspected for energy efficiency and safety, it’s also important to have your house inspected periodically throughout your entire stay in the home. By having your property professionally inspected on a yearly basis, you can find and resolve issues before they create real damage.

    Our services include:


    Most people think that Home Inspections are for the home buyers. This is not the case anymore. Pre-inspections are becoming more popular in all real estate markets. More sellers are having their homes inspected before the buyer comes along. Why wait until there is a real estate contract on the line, then find out your home has one or more major defects? If you wait for the buyer to hire a Home Inspector you may find out you have a significant defect and the buyer will try to renegotiate the price of the home or ask that it be fixed before the deal is final.

    By getting a professional Home Inspection done before selling, you have the option of fixing any problems or showing the buyer all defects before they make an offer. Having the inspection report available to the buyer and showing that all necessary repairs are done will make your home sell faster and closer to the listing price. Buyers of pre-inspected homes get the advantage of knowing the condition of the home prior to signing an offer.


    An Inspection can identify major defects before you buy your home allowing you to make an educated decision about the biggest purchase in your life. Having a home inspection done before you buy the home will give you peace of mind knowing that your purchase is sound. Imagine moving in to find that your dream home has one or more major defects, some you may not be financially able to fix. Give yourself peace of mind, make the Smart Choice and have your home inspected.


    At Smart Choice Inspections we customize every report. For commercial customers our products range from bare bones basic visual inspection up to the full meal deal with all the specialists. Our specialty is in the electrical systems using our infrared camera to find hot spots that can usually be fixed with a simple service call. If the hot spot goes undetected a catastrophic failure can occur as a result.

    Lease Hold

    When entering a lease agreement, an inspection can serve both parties by describing the conditions at the beginning of the lease period. Often, a second inspection is undertaken at the end of the lease to review the building condition. Knowing the condition of the property before signing a lease agreement can prevent the headaches of getting them fixed after you have moved in and take the chance of disrupting business.

    Pre-warranty Expiration

    Get peace of mind before the warranty expires. It will save you time and money as we all know that everything goes wrong after the warranty expires.

    New Construction Deficiency List

    Sometimes contractors miss things in their finishing work or just don’t see it. We are your second set of eyes to make sure everything is done the way it should be.


    Most homeowners never look in the attic or crawl in the crawl space until there is a problem. Give yourself the piece of mind by having your home inspected regularly, catching possible problems before they become major issues.


    Insurance companies are requiring WETT inspections before they issue you insurance. Having your wood burning appliances inspected on a regular basis may prevent costly and devastating home fires.

    Water Testing

    Make sure the water you drink isn’t making you sick. Have your well water tested regularly.